​The Tote Bag – Today’s perfect marketing tool

Custom Tote Bag

Today’s business markets are saturated with options. Whether your company sells a product, provides a service or raises funds for a cause, there is always competition. When you head out to the grocery store, there are often 2-3 stores within 10 miles of each other. When a product is gone from your local shelves, you can hit an online store to find it. If the HVAC guy you used last time did a terrible job, there are 15 other companies waiting in the wings. So how do you get your company to shine through? The power of promotional products is great. Tote bags, in particular, are versatile, sought after items that provide your company with continual advertising. People want them and seek them out. They can be the perfect addition to your marketing toolbox.

How to customize your tote bag

When you visit State Line Bag Co. Australia’s website, you will likely notice there are no standard tote bag options available. They do not offer them but never fear; 

Custom Tote Bag

custom tote bag ordering couldn’t be easier. Depending on your preferences, size does matter. Width, in particular, is important when it comes to tote bags. Some can have a ½ inch to no width and are perfect for carrying promotional papers and small samples. Some tote bags can have thicker widths that are even supported with a cardboard base. Totes that are used for bigger items, such as books or groceries need a stronger support base.

Cotton is not your only options when it comes to fabric or material. The sky is the limit. If you have seen a type of bag you like, State Line Bag Co. Australia can make it for you. The handles or straps can be a different fabric, color or length. The entire back can be a certain color other than natural cotton. All the colors of the rainbow are available. Custom printing of a logo, ingredients, an event or location can be added. If you can think it up, they can create it for you. The best news is t

hat your customers and clients will continue to use your bag repeatedly providing you with continued advertising.

State Line Bag Co. Australia – Your Bag Partner

Whatever your bag needs, State Line Bag Co. Australia is your partner. They can help you create a company logo tote bag you can use year round for trade shows and customer events. Packaging bags for your next product launch will make your item stand out in a crowd. Company sponsored fundraisers are optimal for drawstring backpacks all attendees can use. Holiday food-safe bags for company gift giving for clients and employees are easy to order. Creating the look you want couldn’t be easier. Our friendly and experienced sales staff will work with you every step of the way to ensure a smooth process to your final product. If you have a budget in mind, they will help you stay within it. You won’t find a more committed marketing partner in the bag industry for your promotional needs.