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Calico Bags, Cotton Calico Bags, State Line Bag Company of Australia Buy Calico Bags HereIf you’re looking for high quality cotton calico bags, then you’ve come to the right place. State Line Bag offers premium and economy bags to suit differing budgets; with fifteen sizes available and the choice of single or double drawstrings, you’re sure to find a style that suits your purpose.

Our premium bags are suitable for a wide range of different uses, including product packaging, marketing, for craft projects and also as favour and gift bags. If you’re in search of an affordable bag that is suited to parts storage and organisation, food cooking and processing, field samples, filtration or any other purpose where aesthetics aren’t necessarily a driving factor, our economy bags are the ideal choice.

Please note that if you’re planning to use our bags for food-related purposes (i.e. processing or cooking), we recommend that you use our economy Calico calico bags

Premium Calico Muslin Bags

We offer our premium calico muslin bags in a variety of sizes from small to large and with both double and single drawstring.

Natural Calico Bags

All bags in our range are natural in colour; i.e. they’re not dyed. Our premium bags are made from 130 gsm fabric and are complemented by a matching drawstring and stitching. Our economy line features 80 gsm fabric, a gold drawstring and some red stitching towards the top of the bag.

We offer a wide range of different sizes (2”x 3” through to 16” x 20”), however if you’re looking for a size that we don’t offer be sure to let us know!

A Bag for Every Purpose

What can our calico bags be used for? Well, the truth is they can be used for just about anything. Attractive and versatile, they’re ideal for everything from packaging and storing through to gifting – in fact, they even work well as a stylish carry bag. Our bags can be personalized via printing and stamping, and they can also be decorated with a wide range of embellishments such as beads, jewels and studs.

Home Uses

At home you’ll find a myriad of uses for our calico bags. From safely storing jewelry and organizing toiletries, to separating smaller items in your drawer or handbag, the uses are endless. Fill them with dried flowers and herbs to make scented sachets, or use them to store spices, nuts, dried fruit and other condiments in the kitchen.

Stylish Packaging

Our calico bags are ideal for packaging, especially for businesses who are looking to add a little old world charm or country feel to their products. Our bags can be printed with customized designs, including images, your business logo or even the product name and use – if you’re interested in custom printing, please visit our custom printing page.

Our bags are particularly suited to food products. Whether you’re selling coffee beans, tea, cured meats, candy, baked goods or other delicious snacks, our bags have the potential to improve the aesthetic appeal of your product.

Gift Wrapping Alternative

Calico bags are the perfect alternative to conventional gift wrapping. Gifts and giveaways not only look better when presented in our calico bags, but also show that you’re committed to environmental sustainability. After all, when you use calico bags instead of paper gift wrap, you’re helping to save the trees and reduce your impact on landfill.

Whether you need to wrap a birthday present, wedding favors or vacation gifts, our calico bags make it easy. From a corporate perspective, they are ideally suited to promotions and fundraisers where creating a good impression is important. Heading to a dinner party with a bottle of wine in hand? Present it in a personalized bag that your host will be able to use long after the wine has been drunk.

Remember, virtually any design can be applied to our bags; they are essentially a blank canvas waiting for your creativity to bring them to life!

Useful and Wearable

Alongside our standard bags, we also offer 14” x 18” drawstring backpacks. Perfect for children, they make ideal book bags, picnic bags, overnight bags, sports equipment bags or beach bags. As with all of our products, our backpacks can be decorated with any design you like; for kids, think animals, flowers, favorite characters or even a team logo. For those who like to make a fashion statement, you can also add ‘bling’ or trendy studs. When it comes to our calico drawstring backpacks, their usage and aesthetic design is only limited by your imagination.