Calico Bags for Fundraisers

Fundraising in this day and age can be competitive; whether you’re a school, charity or another organisation looking to raise some money, you’ll probably be competing with a number of other groups to secure a share of the public’s patronage.

If you want to ensure that your organisation stands out from the crowd, offering donors something in return for their generosity can work wonders. Whether you’re providing branded merchandise or edible goods as a thank-you gift, presentation is important; our calico bags will ensure your gifts look attractive, helping to increase the number of donations you receive in the process!

Perfectly Presented Treats

Edible treats are a great way to raise money for your organisation – whether it’s a school, scout group, social club or sporting team. Bake sales are incredibly popular and are considered to be a fool-proof way to raise much needed funds. Cookies, cakes and other baked treats are always a hit with the public; who can resist delicious edible treats when all proceeds go to supporting an organisation in need? If your organisation is animal-related, consider making critter-friendly treats. Dog biscuits are surprisingly easy and affordable to bake, and owners are sure to find them irresistible when they find that all profits are going to help the local animal shelter.

Whether you’re baking organic dog treats or gluten-free cupcakes, presentation is important. Adorable calico drawstring bags are the perfect way to present virtually any edible treat; these bags are food safe, completely reusable, and can be printed with your organisation’s logo to provide effective advertising long after the treats have been consumed!

Political Fundraisers

Trying to think of something a little unique for an upcoming political campaign? Package campaign trinkets in our reusable cotton calico bags, and print them with your name, campaign slogan or image. From bumper stickers and brochures, through to pens, badges and other marketing items, calico bags make it easy to hand out these trinkets at rallies and fundraisers.

Save the Environment

If you’re raising funds for an environmental cause, cotton calico bags are the perfect eco-friendly packaging option. Reusable, recyclable and made from a natural, sustainable source, our bags can be used to hold a number of ‘green’ trinkets, including seeds, flower bulbs, live plants (think trees for Earth Day), and even energy efficient

light bulbs. Cotton bags are a far better option that using paper or cardboard packaging; why not save the trees, reduce landfill and create a green image for your company in the process?

Promote your cause by decorating calico bags with your company logo, mission statement, or images such as the recycling symbol. If you’re proud of your company’s environmental goals, ensure that your marketing materials complement this ethos!

The Options are Endless

Whether you want drawstring backpacks printed with your company logo for a corporate walk-a-thon, are looking for a way to attractively package fundraising items, or simply want to promote your cause in an eco-friendly manner, State Line Bag has the answer.

We offer quality bags in a wide range of sizes and styles, including 14” x 18” drawstring backpacks. Print, stamp and embellish to create custom designs that complement your organisation’s marketing message.

Learn about using Calico Bags for Fundraisers, Call us at 1-800-121-156 we can review printing options and pricing with you!