Calico Drawstring Bags for Gift Giving

calico-gift-bags-state-line-bag-co-australia.jpgHomemade and home grown gift giving is more popular than ever before; after all, what better way is there to show your love and appreciation for someone than to create your own present?

If you enjoy creating and growing your own gifts, then you’ll need a way to wrap and present them. A hand-decorated drawstring calico bag is the ideal option, whether you’re in need of something festive for the holiday season, personalized for a birthday, or embellished for those special occasions such as anniversaries. Our cotton calico bags truly are the gift presentation option for all occasions.

No matter the message you wish to convey, calico bags provide the perfect blank canvas from which to voice your love, appreciation, congratulations or sympathies. Our quality bags come in various sizes to suit different types of gifts, and can be decorated with everything from stamps and prints, through to stencils, paints, beads, studs and jewels. Creating beautiful, personalized gift packaging only requires a few simple tools – and your imagination!

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House Warming Gifts

House warming gifts are generally simple yet thoughtful; something that sends your best wishes, complete with a homemade touch. Whether you’ve baked a cake, created some delicious preserves, are planning to gift some fresh organic produce from your garden, or have picked out an indulgent bottle of wine, a decorated calico bag will make your gift all the more special.

How you decorate your calico drawstring bag is up to you; for housewarming gifts, often a simple printed message – such as “home is where the heart is” – can be very fitting. Of course the options are endless when it comes to the decorations, so you can tailor your gift packaging to suit the friend or family member in question.

Festive Cheer

Whether you’re gifting a bottle of wine for Christmas, or supplying your New Years Eve party host with an appreciative bottle of Champagne, our calico bags are sure to make your gift all the more memorable. Our bags, which can be custom-decorated, not only look great but are also completely reusable – meaning they’re a gift in themselves! Cotton calico bags are ideal for more than just beverages – they’re perfect for a wide range of other festive gifts as well. From homemade cookies and candies, through to handmade Christmas decorations and ornaments, customized calico bags turn already thoughtful gifts into eye catching presents that are sure to be appreciated!

Spring Time Celebrations

Do you have a penchant for celebrating American holidays? Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or a Halloween party, our calico bags are sure to come in handy.

There’s no better way to conclude a Thanksgiving dinner than to send your guests home with a selection of homemade treats – whether you’ve baked scones, pumpkin bread or a delicious array of sweet treats. Calico bags are the ideal take-home packaging, as they add a personal touch to your gesture, while providing guests with a reusable bag that they’re sure to keep for many years to come. Similarly, you may wish to provide your Halloween guests with some take-home goodies. Whether you’re gifting candy or baked goods, our bags are the perfect packaging. A blank canvas, you can decorate them with a spooky Halloween-themed design to really set the mood!

Of course, for many Australian states the AFL Grand Final is one of the main celebrations come spring. If you’re planning a Grand Final party, why not create take-home gifts for your guests – presented in club- themed calico bags, of course!

Get Creative!

No matter the occasion, State Line Bag is here to help you celebrate. Our calico bags are the perfect way to present thoughtful gifts; whether they’re handmade or hand selected!

Our bags are the perfect blank canvas, allowing you to express your creativity and add a personal touch to your gifts. If you’re in search of some design inspiration, be sure to take a look at our Facebook page for craft ideas – you’ll find hundreds of great ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

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