Calico Bags for Weddings

On your special day, you want everything to be perfect – from the weather right through to the wedding favours!

Wedding favours can be difficult to choose; you want something that is personal and useful, yet you don’t want to break your budget! When you take the conventional route and search for the perfect favour online, you’ll find that you’re faced with pages of trinkets that really are just tokens of appreciation at best.

Handmade favours are far more personal and interesting; people appreciate gifts that come from the heart. If you’ve decided to take the creative route and craft your own wedding favours, our drawstring calico bags are the perfect presentation option. Our quality bags are available in bulk, come in a range of different sizes, and can be custom-decorated. Whether you want a simple image that complements the theme of the wedding, the name of the bride and groom, the date or a design that incorporates a number of these elements, our bags are perfectly suited to the occasion.

Of course, calico bags are about more than stylish gift presentation – they are incredibly useful and are sure to be re-purposed long after your honeymoon is over!

Order Today

If you would like to place an order, you can do so today via or website or by calling 1800 121 156. If you have any questions regarding bag sizes and styles – or our custom printing service – don’t hesitate to call today.

Green Weddings

Calico Bags for Weddings, the perfect wedding gift and it can be personalized for your wedding day. As green weddings become increasingly popular, the demand for green wedding favours has increased. Forget plastic trinkets; today’s couples are gifting flower bulbs, wildflower seeds, live plants and sachet blends as useable, eco-friendly wedding favours. Our calico drawstring bags are the ideal favour holders for weddings with an organic, earthy feel; made from natural fibres, they’re also completely reusable.

Besides favours, calico bags are the perfect way to contain lavender, birdseed and other non-conventional substitutes for paper confetti.

Favours to Suit the Season

Whether you wedding is planned for spring, summer or autumn, favours can be tailored to suit the season. Think wildflower seeds in spring, fresh fruit and preserves in summer, daffodil bulbs in autumn, and a delicious spice mix – accompanied by a warming recipe for mulled wine – in winter. Your guests are sure to appreciate season-appropriate favours!

Our drawstring bags can be decorated with season-appropriate images and symbols, perfectly complementing the gift inside.

Formal Weddings

Of course, many people have always dreamt of having a formal wedding – complete with lavish decorations, a three-tiered cake and French Champagne.

If your wedding is set to be a formal occasion, favours such as splits of Champagne, miniature bottles of liqueurs or hand-crafted chocolates are ideal. Calico drawstring bags are the perfect packaging for these types of gifts; have them embroidered and tied with beautiful satin ribbon, in colours that complement the theme of your wedding.

The Perfect Packaging

When it comes to packaging weddings favours with our calico bags, the options are endless. State Line Bag offers a wide range of styles and sizes, as well as numerous customization options that can be made to suit the theme of your wedding.

We offer a range of custom printing options, allowing you to truly personalise your favours – and we can also provide samples to ensure you pick the perfect bag for the gifts you have in mind. If you want to create wedding favours that go beyond clichéd trinkets, get in touch with our team today!

The possibilities are endless with calico bags used as the perfect favor holder.  We offer custom printing and samples for helping you find the perfect size before ordering. If you have any questions regarding our calico drawstring bags, you may also call us at 1800 121 156.