state-line-bag-co-aus-logo-1.5-in-x-1.5-in-1-.pngCustom Brand Your Bags with Your Logo and More!

Companies big and small are always looking for ways to reach more customers. Significant amounts of funds, effort, and work are put into finding new ways to gain brand awareness, recognition, sales and loyalty from consumers. Gaining brand and product exposure is paramount to increasing sales and market share. In this day and age market verticals are saturated making it increasingly difficult to differentiate products. So how do you get your brand or product noticed? Unique product features, pricing, and distribution are all important but often it comes down to your packaging. 

For Custom Branded Bags Please Call 1800 121 156. Your orders are personalized to your specifications, including size and color!

What’s on the outside Does Count!

It is undeniable that the way a product is packaged reflects the perceived quality of the product. With our high-quality muslin bags, there will be no question that your product is top notch. Our bags are made with durable organic cotton, strong stitching, thick drawstrings and high-quality control measures to ensure consistent bag quality. Giving consumers that instant superior perceived product value can be the one thing that leads consumers to choose your product over another

Long Term Branding on the Bag of Your Choice

When you adorn your cotton bag packaging with your brand logo and/or business name consumers will be sure to remember. We offer a complete suite of premium custom printing solutions. Your logo will look clean and crisp and will represent your company the best way possible. When clients use and reuse the muslin bag packaging, they are carrying your promotional message with them everywhere. Your exposure can increase infinitely. Getting your brand noticed by more consumers is a step in the right direction.

Are you planning a corporate event? Giveaways and promotional items are easy for potential customers to take home in muslin tote bags. These bags are stylish, practical and effective when printed with your creative ideas. They couldn’t be more perfect for tradeshows and fundraising events.

Protect your Product

Shipping can often be an issue for companies, causing extra cost and production loss. Rigid packaging for products can tear, break or get crushed in transit damaging your product. No one wants to receive a broken product or wait for a new one to arrive. It’s a hassle and expense for all involved. The beauty of our muslin bags, when used as packaging, is that they are durable yet flexible. They will protect your product during shipping. You can ship with confidence. When ordering bags from State Line Bag Co, you can rest assured they will arrive safely. When printed with your business name, shipping blunders can be avoided and your bags protected from use by others.

It couldn’t be easier. Contact Us to make your bag ordering process simple and quick. We will help you through every step so you can put your best foot forward when representing your company and its products. Partner with State Line Bag Co for the unique packaging and swag bags that will get your brand additional exposure.  

All For Custom Branded or Custom Sizes Please Call 1800 121 156. Your orders are personalized to your specifications. State Line Bag Company - The Quality and Quantity for all of your bag needs!