Drawstring Backpacks

drawstringbagIf you’re looking for a versatile bag, look no further than our cotton calico backpacks! Suitable as a beach bag, for overnight trips, as a sports bag or to secure smaller items on a camping trip, the uses are endless.

Our drawstring backpacks are 14” x 18” – just big enough to fit all the important things, without being too big and bulky. Made from quality cotton, these bags can be washed and re-used over and over again.

At present, our drawstring backpacks are on sale for just $2.49 each – so be sure to place your order today via our wholesale webstore or by calling 1800 121 156.

Product Specifications

The regular retail price for our plain calico backpacks is $5.50.

Each of our quality bags includes the following features:

  • No plastic or metal – they’re made from cotton calico!
  • 14” x 18” in terms of size
  • Lightweight – they weigh just 115 grams.
  • 100” durable drawstring for easy carrying
  • AZO-free printing (available with our Designer and Destination collections)

Our bags feature quality rope straps that are designed to easily and comfortably sit across your shoulders. The lightweight, soft construction of these bags means that they conform to your back and are very breathable – further enhancing their comfort.

Calico Backpacks for All Purposes

Our natural cotton calico backpacks are suitable for a wide range of purposes. Ideal for students, they provide the perfect way to carry books, tablets and even lunch – whilst leaving both hands free to write, use a phone or even ride a bike. Our bags can be custom-printed with a school name and insignia, sports team logo or the student’s name. Whether your child needs to carry books, sports equipment or everyday personal items, our backpacks are comfortable, easy to take on and off, and conform to the shape of their contents – making it very easy to fit everything inside!

When it comes to camping, overnight trips or a day at the beach, calico backpacks make it easy to keep all your smaller personal items organised and within easy reach. Perfect to carry food and drinks, clothing, snorkelling equipment, fishing tackle, first aid

kits and anything else you may need while away from home, they also keep your hands free – which is very handy when hiking, climbing and cycling. After all, it’s much easier to snap a quick photo when you’re wearing a backpack!

Heading to your local farmers’ market? Drawstring backpacks are the perfect way to carry your wallet and phone – as well as anything you may purchase while browsing the market stalls. Completely reusable, they eliminate the need to use plastic bags while shopping – which is great news for the environment.

The options are endless when it comes to drawstring backpacks. Being completely reusable and washable, you’ll be able to wash and wear yours for many years to come!

Get Creative

While our backpacks are quite attractive with their natural off-white colour, they can also be custom-designed to suit your personal tastes. Custom-print them with a design of your choice, tie dye them to add a splash of colour, stamp them with your name, or embellish them with jewels, studs, embroidery and buttons. Our bags are essentially a blank canvas – so feel free to get creative! In addition, our products can also be printed with any of the designs available in our Design Collection.

Our Destination Collection is aimed at businesses within the tourism industry; we can print the name of your business or town in a circle, complete with a colourful picture that represents your location. Holidaymakers are always on the lookout for vacation souvenirs, and these bags provide a useable option that will continue to remind customers of their holiday for many years to come. We can also print custom designs that include your company logo and business name; custom-printed bags are excellent marketing tools!

Order Your Drawstring Backpacks Today

As a leading supplier of cotton calico backpacks, State Line Bag is committed to delivering high quality products at affordable prices. If you are interested in placing a wholesale order, simply fill out this easy form on this website or by calling our friendly team at 1800 121 156.