Calico Bags for Retail Use

Cotton calico bags are the perfect retail packaging; more eye catching than traditional wrappers, containers and boxes, they’re environmentally friendly and completely reusable. Our custom-printed calico bags attract more attention and appeal to consumers who prefer to ‘buy natural’ – all at a very affordable price!

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Unique Retail Packaging

As a leading distributor of cotton calico bags, State Line Bag offers businesses a wide range of styles and sizes that are ideally suited to product packaging. Our premium double drawstring bags come in 15 different sizes – from 2” x 3” up to 16” x 20”. If you’re looking for single drawstring bags, we have three different sizes available.

Please note that if you require bags for cooking or food preparation, we recommend our premium line of bags as they are considered food safe. For more information regarding our products, please get in touch today – we’d love to help you improve your sales through better packaging! 

Gourmet Delights

If you work in the food trade, you’ll be well aware that presentation is critical to a product’s success. Our cotton calico bags lend themselves well to this purpose; gourmet food looks fantastic packaged in our custom-designed bags.

We offer a wide range of different sizes to suit varying needs. Our smaller bags are ideally suited to lollies, beans, honey, preserves and jams, bottled sauces, herbs, spices, cheeses, cured meats and even teas. For larger products such as baking mixes, baked goods, fruits and vegetables, and smoked hams, our bigger bags are perfect. And if you run a gourmet pet food business? Well, calico bags are ideal for pet treats as well!

Our bags can be printed or stamped with your business and product information; from a design perspective, the options are endless.

Household Items

There are many household items that look better when presented in a cotton calico bag. From bath salts and soaps, through to toiletries and herbal sachets, a calico bag will ensure they’re well presented and position them as an ideal ‘impulse purchase’.

Smaller products such as jewelry also lend themselves well to this type of packaging. Our smaller drawstring calico bags are naturally decorative and are therefore perfectly suited to these types of products – especially if your brand is aiming for an earthy, natural feel.

Of course, our premium quality bags are fantastic products in their own right. When custom-printed with your company name and logo – or a creative, eye catching design – these bags make perfect standalone products. Whether you’re selling them as beach and picnic bags, carry bags, sports and recreation bags, overnight bags or handy backpacks, they’ll look great and effectively fulfill their purpose. Remember, our bags can be printed or stamped with your own design, and they can also be adorned with a wide range of embellishments such as studs, ‘bling’, beads and embroidery.

Horticultural and Agricultural Uses

Calico drawstring bags are easy to carry and stack – and for this reason, they’ve been used for centuries in the horticultural and agricultural industries.

Providing the perfect storage environment for grains and seeds, they can be easily printed with content labels and company information. Our cotton bags are also suited to vegetable and fruit storage – especially when it comes to tougher varieties such as potatoes, yams, citrus fruit and squash. Besides storage purposes, our bags are also ideal for the retail trade as they can be printed with your company logo and product information.

Why are these bags so well suited to storing these types of products? Well, it’s because they’re made from natural cotton, which allows the fruit, vegetables, grains and seeds to breathe – improving their shelf life.

When it comes to horticulture, our products also come in handy. Calico bags are ideal for potting soil and other horticultural products, and they can also be used to contain the pot or root ball of live plants.


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