Calico Bags for Tradeshows

tradeshow1-300x146.jpgFrom the food industry through to cutting-edge electronics, tradeshows are a common way for companies to spread the word about new products.

Held in most large cities across the country, they attract millions of visitors each year; visitors that are keen to acquire product information, try out product samples and also get their hands on free marketing trinkets such as pens, stickers, key rings and anything else capable of displaying a logo.

If you run a business and have – or are planning to – attend tradeshows, why not use our calico bags as your promotional giveaway? After all, tradeshow visitors need something to hold all their other freebies, brochures and information as they browse through other stalls. Our cotton calico bags can be designed and printed to suit your individual requirements; choose any background colour and combine it with your company name, product and logo.

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How can our calico bags benefit your business?

When you use printed calico drawstring bags as your tradeshow giveaway, there are many benefits for your business.

As visitors explore the tradeshow, your name is on the bag in plain view for all to see – essentially placing your brand in front of your target audience. However, this form of advertising is about more than merely on-the-spot brand exposure. As visitors ‘do the rounds’ of the tradeshow with your bag, others will see it and ask where it came from; these people will then be directed back to your stall. It’s also important to remember that our calico bags are very durable and are designed to be used over and over again. It’s this factor that means they’re a very effective advertising medium; they have the potential to advertise your business long after the tradeshow concludes.

Our bags are also great if you are handing out other giveaways; fill them with your brochures and any other trinkets you may have on offer as freebies, handing them out as ‘show bags’ to visitors. Our cotton calico bags are a great option for companies that are environmentally aware. If you consider yourself to be a ‘green’ company, you’ll be pleased to know that these bags are sustainable, re-usable and washable.

Away from the trade shows these bags still make excellent marketing items, and they can be effectively repurposes around the home or office. If you have a few left over from that tradeshow, you’re sure to find a use for them!

How can State Line Bag help your marketing efforts?

As a leading provider of custom-designed calico bags, we can create a product for your business that works as an effective marketing and advertising tool. We can tailor our bags to suit your specific purpose – simply decide on a size and style of bag that meets your needs, and then submit the artwork you would like printed on it.

We use various methods of printing – including pad printing and screen printing – to produce the best possible product. If you would like to know more about our printing options and view some of the designs we’ve printed to date, please visit our custom printing page.

At State Line Bag, our aim is to provide a quality product at an affordable price. Our pricing depends on the size and type of bag you choose, as well as the colours required when printing. If you have any questions regarding our custom printed bags – or any of our products in general – don’t hesitate to contact us at 1800 121 156.